Working in the fields

Here is brief video of villagers helping with the harvest.

In this video, they are growing seedlings that will be transplanted later, into the fields.

In this video, Father Placid shows us the fields and the crops that are made possible by your generous donations. The village now enjoys food security, which they […]

Father Placid Helping Hoe the Maize Field

In this video, we see father placid and a group of his parishioners hoeing the maize, singing and laughing.

We are growing Mangoes!

Just a brief update. Thanks to the generosity of many, Placid’s food-growing plans are going great guns. They are now cultivating mangoes!


The Irrigation Systems are Installed!

We appreciate greatly!!!!!

I am here, Father Placid, to express my appreciation and sincere thanks to everyone who has so kindly donated funds to improve life here at Luhombero and at nearby Mahenge where we help the epileptics.

Your personal commitment is incredibly helpful and allows us to reach our goals. Your assistance means so […]