Beekeeping comes to Luhombero

Donations from readers of the literary newspaper BC BookWorld in Vancouver, Canada, continue to make a huge difference to the lives of people in the remote village of Luhombero.

Placid on zip line over river
Father Placid en route to his beekeeping seminar, crossing Little Ruaha River.

Empowered to purchase extensive irrigation equipment, Father Placid has been able to develop two large farming projects at Luhombero and Kasita. These agricultural projects will soon be self-sustaining.

Now, to start a new industry in the area, Father Placid, has graduated from a course taught by Ted Rabenold of to train African beekeepers in both English or Swahili. This course was taught in a rural area outside Ifakara, accessible by ‘zipline’ ferry that enabled people to cross the Little Ruaha River one at a time.

Working with the widespread Apis Mellifera Scutellata bees, Rabenold’s organization has held seminars in Mbeya, Iringa, Sumbawanga, Rukwa Valley, Ufipa Plateau, Nairobi, Kijabe, and Maasai-land.

Meanwhile ten thousand dollars has now been set aside for the eventual purchase of a vehicle in conjunction with MIVA, a European organization that will pay 50% of the purchase and delivery costs.

We still have a long way to go before a vehicle purchase can be made—another $5,000 at least—but Rome was not built in a day, and Luhombero cannot be uplifted overnight.

Thank you to all who have given.

Placid and beekeepers
Placid and beekeepers

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