Luhombero is the poorest and most remote parish in the Mahenge Diocese of western Tanzania. It lacks electricity, potable water, indoor plumbing, internet, policing, medical equipment, medicine and economic diversification.


Father Placid and the community at remote Luhombero have now completed  a new, flood-resistant, 14-classroom school with a modern library and bathroom facilities. The reason they need a 14 room school is that kindergarten lasts two years, and then through standard one to standard seven, seven years. Each class has a “stream” of A and B.

The population there is increasing. There is a great influx of Sukuma, Masai and Mang’ati peoples apart from the local people. To improve the education quality they need such a school to solve the problem of over crowding a single class in each standard. The nearby school is greatly over crowded. This school will solve this problem.

Brick by brick, donation by donation, we can make life better for the people of this remote and under-serviced area of Tanzania.

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Latest Video:

There are currently 20 students and two teachers. The families that have sent their children do not have the means to pay for tuition so monthly operating costs must be raised through donors. Any help would be so appreciated! You can make a donation, however small on the Donation Page.

Here is an exterior view of the two main school buildings competed, as of January, 2023

St. Peter Claver was the patron saint of slaves. He is also patron saint for seafarers. He is considered a heroic example of what should be the Christian practice of love and of the exercise of human rights.

Here is the interior of one of the school rooms.

Older Videos of School Construction.

Here are some short videos that document the stages of progress for the school so far.

“Here you see ‘The Michael Audain Social Hall in Luhombero.’ It must now be transformed and modernized to serve as a dormitory for our new 14-room school that we have built with our own bricks that we made. We must also upgrade two derelict rooms nearby to serve as permanent teacher homes. The hardest part of the work has already been done — building our own new modern school for the whole area. We hope the viewers of this video can help us. Thank you and God bless you. I am Father Placid in Luhombero, TANZANIA”

In this short video, Father Placid of Luhombero, thanks the donors who have enabled him and the people of the village to build this school house for the village children.

Hand Making Bricks for the Luhombero School House

Loading Sand for brick making for the school house

Unloading the sand for the bricks

Unloading the bricks and the beginning of the Luhombero School House

The Bucket Line

The Walls are Going Up!

Some Construction Items Your Generous Donations have Purchased

Making planks for the school construction. Speakers down a little! It is noisy!

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