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Placid with neice Lilian Sangamakole

Father Placid shares a joke with his niece, Lilian Sangamakole, who is an agricultural expert.

Luhombero is the poorest and most remote parish in the Mahenge Diocese of western Tanzania. It lacks electricity, potable water, indoor plumbing, internet, policing, medical equipment, medicine and economic diversification.

Already this site has helped to generate sufficient funds for the purchase of a new, 4-door pick-up truck–that was sent via freighter from Europe–that is now being used in a variety of ways to improve the quality of life at Luhombero. Ambitious agriculture and irrigation programs are now underway and there is a new initiative to build a school.  [See Father Placid Kindata’s blog posts elsewhere on this site].

Father Placid is an experienced farmer with a degree in business administration. He is determined to:

  1. improve the local diet and housing standards,
  2. provide skill-training programs,
  3. improve communications
  4. generate year-round employment
  5. build a new school.

Here is Placid’s latest video expressing his gratitude for the generosity of donors to Luhombero that have permitted him to purchase a truck:

Please read Placid’s Story, roam this site and share its contents with friends.

If you are impressed by Placid’s character and if you wish to be support efforts to improve life in a sub-Saharan village, then please help with a small  donation.

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